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A Step Closer to the Paperless Office

I stumbled on this program while searching for some way of managing monthly statements from investments. I get around 35-40 of these a month, and have nowhere to put them. MrBills [Paper Valet] solves that by allowing me to scan and categorize these statements. That's not the best part, though. The best part is how easy the product is to use. In the course of two hours I was able to digitize two inches worth of paper, paper I can now add to the recycle bin. Fabulous product.

— Tom L.
Simple & Effective

I was skeptical at first but after using the trial version I quickly registered. Simple, functional and problem free! I was looking at more expensive solutions but this one provided everything I needed. I do convert the TIF output to PDF for smaller file sizes and that might be a useful future enhancement [this feature has been added] but that's a minor issue for me. Try it!!

— Rick
Perfect for the job

Don't overlook this program! After reviewing several of the major document management packages, some costing over $1000, nothing comes close the the efficiency and simplicity of this program! Just set up a little information, and start keeping electronic copies of all of you paperwork with just a few clicks. The best part is, nothing gets "locked" into a proprietary database, and it still saves you lots of disk space by compressing the images using an industry accepted standard (TIF). I just got the trial version yesterday, and I've already imaged over 300 documents\-\-in half as many keystrokes! The only problem I had was I couldn't get them on the scanner fast enough! :-) Yet at the same time, everything is now neatly organized, and I can find any one of those documents within just a couple mouse clicks. Excellent program!

— Michael N. Evans
...and collates double-sided documents!

I wanted a program that would let me scan both sides of a stack of documents using an automatic document feeder, and would then collate the scans to get them in the right order. After a couple of days hunting I'd resigned myself to forking out $70-100 for one of the major document packages, even though those packages have many features I don't need. But then I stumbled on this program. It doesn't look like anything fancy: but it does what it promises, with no fuss. And for $10 [$24.95]. The program is fast and the output TIFF files are small. Don't be misled by the MrBills [Paper Valet] name - this is a good solution for archiving *any* documents. NB that the trial version does not collate double-sided scans - you have to register to get that feature. But it does work!

— Caolas
Excellent product for scanning and filing bills and other scans

This is a great product that has everything I need for scanning my bills. It's easy to install, learn to use and it's quick scanning. It scans an collates my double-sided bills. I can't say enough about this product. Excellent!

— Pete
A must-have financial tool!

MrBills [Paper Valet] provides PC users of ALL levels a method of organizing and naming both paper and electronic bills in a UNIFORM format. This is key to being able to find information for billing disputes, tax audits, or tax preparation. I use this software in conjunction with Quicken and PaperPort Office to accomplish the dream of a true, paperless office. Thank you Joe Paparella [Chocksett Software]!

— Craig Roberts
Sweet little application

Works as advertised, try it and see.

— Joe
Exceptional product with great features

I have been looking for something that would do exactly with this small program does. It is a very smooth running program and has a very simple interface. Easy to backup your directory and the size of the images are small for the quality you see.

— Codyad

I downloaded this little gem, scanned and cataloged a few invoices without even reading the documentation, and put my registration in the mail. Thank you Joe Paparella [Chocksett Software] for such a well designed program.

— mikeddy
Purpose built and excellent!

This software seems to have been written to serve a very specific need and does it very well. Unlike a lot of other software it does one thing and does it well. Pros: Easy intuitive interface Append feature for multi-page bills NO DATABASE with cryptic file names! Excellent value for the price. Cons: Limited options on file save format. All in all I would have to say that this program is a winner. The only thing I would like to see is additional options for saving the scanned file. Presently you are limited to the TIFF format [PDF is now also supported] and it can get quite large depending on the options selected.

— Mike Fries
Great product at a great price

I've checked other product and found none that come to MrBills [Paper Valet] capabilities. Technical support is excellent and very responsive. The software is somewhat misnamed since besides bills it can be used for almost any scanning application.

— Roy, a happy user
I wish I had found this years ago

At last I have found an easy way to file all my bills, statements etc straight from scanning. This really is an exceptional product. I should be able to empty the filing cabinet over the next few days and also the mountain of unfiled stuff. just remember to backup on to CD.

— Vivienne Quinn
Great product, more flexible than the name suggests

A well thought-out user interface, clear documentation, no proprietary databases or file formats and a compelling price tag make this the ideal software choice for home document storage.

— Daniel B
Excellent basic scanning software product

Easy to use; great way to organize your bills and save space.

— eyedoc58
If you have bills, YOU NEED THIS!!

I LOVE this software. Its simple, and powerful. I scan all my bills, checks I write, and everything with it.

— drops
simple, effective and easy to use

Simple and easy to use software, good value for money. Well designed for home use.

— George Mantle
Great Program

Mr. Bills [Paper Valet] is a nice streamlined program for scanning bills. I used it to scan years of paperwork that I can now shred. The program worked flawlessly. I especially like the fact that it uses the file system as the database. I highly recommend this program.

— ES
Cheap and suprisingly worthy

I had been using Running Mans Digital Filing Cabinet for the last two years and while it was good Mr Mister Bills [Paper Valet] is truly worthy of the job. Very integrated, very flexible and at $15 [$24.95] is priced really well. Support for Auto-Feeders also works well and overall I can get documents in around twice as fast. Worth the trial.

— Walter
Great Software!

This software is just what I was looking for. It is very easy to use and the price is right. Makes short work out of scanning bill statements or anything for that matter.

— R.P.
Easy to use program, GREAT VALUE

Very easy to use program. It does everything promised. Makes organizing paperwork simply.

— SGifford
Top of the Line!!!

After searching endlessly to look for a program that could efficiently and effectively scan the massive amount of invoices and bills I have, I came across Mr. Bills [Paper Valet]. The scanning software automatically scans at the fastest speed. I have yet to see a better program. A MUST have for any business professional!!

— Sunny
Great Product

Excellent product that does just what it promises. Clean interface, easy to use, and stable.

— Kyle
A Time Saver

Paper Valet is a real time saver, it only takes a couple of mouse clicks for me to scan and categorize my documents.

— Sonny Tang
No More Sorting

No more sorting through boxes of paper…Now I can easily find the electronic copies of my statements.

— Sylvester Powershute